Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I haven’t had anything too exciting to blog about since Budapest, until now! I’m very excited to be joining the Specialized team this year. I’m so grateful that they even considered supporting me, so I was thrilled when I found out that I would be part of the team. The bikes are super fast, the people are so friendly and helpful, and there will be a Specialized truck at the WCS events this year for support on the road. I’m on my way home from their headquarters in California where I was fit for a bike and was introduced to lots of cool, talented people. It took me about 24 hours to get there after 2 cancelled flights and a few delays, but it was well worth the trip. This place was AMAZING! Thanks so much to Bobby, Aaron, Garth, and so many others for the fantastic gear, the awesome bike fit and for being such great hosts for Michelle and me. I can’t wait to ride my new bike!!!

Fit on a tri bike juuuuust incase

Contadors 2010 Tour de France bike

I’ve had a really good few months back at school with a more relaxed training schedule, and swimming lots with the varsity team. It’s been a nice change of routine but I’m looking forward to getting school over with and training lots again. I’m going to Maui with the U of A swim team for 2 weeks after Christmas, and then meeting up with everyone for our triathlon camp right after that. 5 weeks in Maui… sounds good to me! Now I just need to get through exams living in this awful -30 degree weather, and I’m good to go :)