Friday, April 22, 2011

Vancouver Sun Run and HOME!

I made the short trip to Vancouver last weekend to race in the famous Sun Run 10k road race. My mom came with me so it made for a fun weekend hanging out in a fancy hotel and shopping downtown. The race was only a week after Sydney so I was still feeling a bit jet-lagged and sluggish, but I love the energy and atmosphere of the race so I was very keen to do it! My only goal was to run faster than last year, which would be a PB for me. There were 2 African girls competing, one from Kenya (Lucy) and one from Ethiopia (Emebet), and I found them sitting on my shoulder for the first 4 km. It was a quick pace, but I was fairly comfortable. I felt silly running ahead of them since I was expecting them to be significantly faster than me. At about halfway, Lucy surged ahead and Emebet dropped back quite a bit. From that point, I maintained the gap of about 6 seconds for the rest of the race. I really regret not trying to close the gap and run with her, and looking back I feel like I could have. I was satisfied with being so close to a Kenyan that I just settled in and accepted that she SHOULD be ahead of me. I settled for second place instead of racing to win. Bad decision. I still managed a PB, 33:47, which was faster than last year despite a less-than-ideal lead up to the race. I was the first Canadian and second overall- but man I hate losing!

After the race I travelled home to Edmonton to visit with my family and friends that I haven’t seen for a few months. I also had to sort out lots of grown-up stuff that I shouldn’t have to worry about for at least another 5 years! I don’t want to deal with taxes and banks and corporate accounts and lawyers and accountants. I don’t want to have a ledger books and keep track of all of my receipts. I don’t understand any of it... but my mom says I have to pay taxes or I’ll get thrown in jail. So I sat at the accountants office and wrote a cheque for a ridiculously large amount of money to the Government of Canada. Major down-side of winning prize money. I’m lucky that my mom is helping me so much with this, I basically just have to sign on the line and write cheques, but it’s definitely not fun! Welcome to the real world.

On a more fun note, a got a new Macbook Air yesterday and I love it! I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while and I finally decided to do it. It’ll be nice and light for traveling and it’s so much faster than my old one.

I’m heading back to Victoria tomorrow morning, with a little less money but a lot more happy! Definitely needed that little break.

Happy Easter everyone!



Dan said...

Doing it like a boss. Good work, but its prolly best that you didn't go balls to the wall on a FUN run. You still have a few races left, I assume.

Dan said...

Oops, I read "fun run", not "sun run". My bad....but still.

X said...

hey Paula, nice work and great 10k PR. Why didn't you go for the win?! Oh and great job in Sydney.

Grace and Claire said...

Dear paula, I am doing a project in school about who is my role model. at first i was stumped but then i thought of you. we have alot in common. You used to swim...same as me (well kinda i still swim. i started competitive swimming when i was six and im still doing it 5 years later), you are from edmonton... same as me.

This project im doing calls for 5 different character traits which my role model posses. I can definately add talented to my list but i cant find anything about your personality. If you could tell me some positivve traits you have i would really appreciate it. I was really excited when i found your blog cuz nobody in all of grade 5 is able to get in touch or contact there role model so this is a really great opportunity for me.

Good luck in your next race,

hope i'll hear from you soon:)

Kent Weare said...

Better get use to paying a lot in taxes. I have a feeling that you will have a lot of prize money coming your way in yeard to come.

Good luck in London(this year and next).