Friday, September 28, 2012

ABC Thank You's

I probably had the most awesome 2012 triathlon season ever in the history of the world. Ha, just kidding, it was dreadful. But through it all, I had some fabulous people by my side.  Since my season has come to an end, I have a lot of Thank You’s to give out. One night when I couldn’t sleep I started making a Thank You list in my head. In alphabetical order. Sorta like counting sheep. I finally snoozed off thinking about all these great supporters of mine. And it was a fabulous sleep indeed. 

A is for Air Canada, thank you for getting me safely to all of my destinations (mostly) on time and (mostly) with all of my luggage, and for letting me ride at the front (mostly) every time.
B is for Bikes, and Specialized makes the fastest, nicest, lightest ones on the planet.
C is for Champion Systems. Pulling on my Canada suit always gets me pumped to race.
D is for Dad, who just drove my car 4000 km across the country for me. Superman! (Ps. Dad if you’re reading this I'm ready for you to drive it back now).
E is for EVOC bike bags, keeping my bike safe when I'm on the go.
F is for my fabulous Family and Friends. All of the most important people in my life.
G is for General Mills. Being on the Reeses Puffs cereal box is probably the raddest thing that’s ever happened to me.
H is for Helper and Michelle Comeau, you are one fantastic helper. Thanks for making my life easier and being so understanding of my ever-changing plans.
I is for Immunity FX. 2 pills a day keeps the doctor away.
J is for Jon Brown, super coach, thanks for taking me on in the lead up to the games, and for doing every single run workout alongside me.
K is for Kim Ward, massage therapist extraordinaire, and Dr. Keeler, who did everything he could to help me get better.
L is for Lasik MD. No more contacts wooo!
M is for Marilyn, hands down the best physio ever. Would not have been on the start line in London without you.
N is for Nike. Best shoes, best clothes, best people. Game on world.
O is for Own the Podium, thanks for making sure I had everything I needed to be my best. Sorry I couldn’t be my best this year.
P is for Proctor & Gamble. Your support for my awesome mom and me, and for all Olympic moms across the world, is tremendously appreciated.
Q is for Quarq, my power meter. Always reliable. Love-hate relationship.
R is for Rogue, the fastest most comfortable wetsuit ever made. Thanks, Nineteen.
S is for Sables. Magic fog-proof superhero goggles.
T is for my hardcore Training Partners, I couldn’t get out the door and push myself every day without you guys.
U is for United Cycle, my bike shop in Edmonton. They gave me my first bike 6 years ago and have supported me since day one.
V is for Vitamins. Sometimes I think 7 Systems saves my life.
W is for Whitfield. Thanks Simon for being my friend and big brother and mentor and training partner. You're a hero.
X is for the fluorescent X Spidertech tape that held me together when I was broken.
Y is for YOU! All of you reading this who reached out and supported me when all I wanted to do was hide away from the world.
Z is for Zipp. These. Wheels. Are. Super. Fast.

Thanks. I couldn't do what I do every day without you all.  

I’m on a serious mission to make you a little more proud next year.



Kent Weare said...

I like this "Y" better:

Y is for YOU(Paula) for not giving up and reminding Canadians what being a Canadian is really about.

JC said...

Such an inspiration!

Mary Delsey said...

Amazing Paula!
Keep on trucking!!
Canada loves ya

Great seeing you last week

Jenn Duggan said...

Paula you are an inspiration! P is for Pride....what all Canadians feel for you every time we get to claim you as our own :) cant wait to watch you climb to the podium for years to come

Barbara said...

You won a lot of hearts when you came into the finish chute at the Olympics. Keep doing what you love.

ytam said...

Paula, please don't ever think you let us down. You embody what each and every Canadian want in their Olympic athletes. You never gave up and so we will never give up on you! Once again, YOU didn't let us down!

Trevor Morgan said...

Still very proud of you. Have a great off-season; I'm looking forward to next year!

Dale Nesbitt said...

Paula, you rock.

Stacy P said...

Missed seeing you this year in Kelowna.
Get healthy & see you next season!
- Kaylea P (7 yr old fan from Maple Ridge) :-)

Erika said...

It is so clear that you are a hero and inspiration, even more so because of what you went through this year. To win doesn't necessarily make you a champion. You are a champion through each action & deed. We cried those tears with you, not out of disappointment but because we would have done anything to make YOU feel good & proud of you. You are currently inspiring a whole generation to never give up on themselves. If you had won, that might not have been the case. You have shown not only Canadians but the world what great courage and strength it takes to rise from a fall. And rise you will Paula. You are a phoenix. And you will soar again. Stay strong and true to you and know that we are all behind you!!!

Andy Veall said...

Im not a canadian but am a big fan, (from UK) and watched you in the ITU races on TV and also in the Olympics, must have been tough day.

I reckon you'll come back from this a stronger athlete and smash everyone in run just like before! :-)

darcy brown said...

Unconditional support, 365 days a year from everyone in the Cambridge Multisport Club!