Friday, June 25, 2010

Thanks Shimano

I'm really lucky that Shimano was willing to help me out so late in the season. They just sent me a new set of race wheels and I'll have a chance to race on them tomorrow. I just took them for a ride and they're great.. I don't know much about bikes or wheels but I could honestly feel a big difference versus my old race wheels. They're great at cornering and are super light. Also, thanks to Pro City for setting them up for me, and for installing my SRM last week. I get my bike from United Cycle in Edmonton, so it's great to have such helpful and reliable guys at Pro City to help me out in Victoria!

While I'm on it, I have to thank BlueSeventy for recently sending me their new helix wetsuit to use this year. They have been such great people to work with and it's by far the most comfortable suit I've ever worn.

I've never had much success with getting sponsors, so I feel very fortunate to have these two great companies help me at this point of the year.

I'm currently in Coteau-du-Lac for a continental cup race. I'm using it as a bit of a training race before leaving for France next week. There's a big group of BC athletes here and I'm looking forward to watching all the juniors and senior men race tomorrow! Gooooood luck everyone :)


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