Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year Update

Rough life I have, 2 trips to Hawaii in the past 3 months! Lots has happened between my last update in Kona and our current training camp in Maui. Here’s a quick recap and some pictures from the past few months.

After Kona I took a trip to the Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. This was an incredible place and it was cool to see what goes on behind the scenes in the Nike world. We went to the employee store for a big shopping trip, which was super fun and I came home 3 bags heavier. I met some awesome athletes there too, like really really fast runner Shalane Flanagan who won the US Olympic Marathon trials today!

Next I went home to Edmonton to have Lasik MD eye surgery. I’ve had bad luck with my contact lenses falling out in races, either from getting whacked in the goggles during the swim, or having them pop out on the bike when my eyes get dry. I’ve had a lens fall out in 5 of the 8 WCS races I’ve done in the past few years, so this was important to get done and was honestly a huge life changer for me. 10 minutes in and out of the “operating room” and I can see 100% perfectly. Just had to wear these rockin' sun glasses around for a few days and not swim for a week. Easy.

A few weeks later I flew to Toronto for the Olympic Excellence Series and Media Summit. This was a great opportunity to meet other Canadian athletes from other sports and get a good idea of what the Olympic Games will be like. It was followed by 2 full days of media and interviews, which was a bit exhausting but important to do. I also went with Simon to the opening of the new Nike store in downtown Toronto where they put us on the wall! It was super cool.

I was back in Victoria after that for a good block of training before going home for Christmas break. I spent the holidays in Canmore and Edmonton, doing lots of relaxing and visiting friends and xcountry skiing. Nike generously gave me tickets to a few of the World Junior Hockey games over the holidays, which were fun to watch. The atmosphere in there was crazy exciting. If only Canada loved triathlon as much as they love hockey!

Now I’m in Maui for our January training camp and it’s been awesome so far. Training is so much easier when it’s warm and sunny, and there’s a great group of 7 girls working well together. I didn’t do very much outdoor riding this fall so it’s been good to get back on the bike for some longer rides. My body is sore and achy and tired, but it definitely feels good! We also got to swim with the U of A team at the end of their Maui camp and it was nice to see some old friends.

Hoping this kicks off a good year ahead. My number one priority is to stay consistent and injury free, which I've discovered it much easier said than done!

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George Wells George Wells said...

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Trevor Morgan said...

Hey, this particular Canadian loves triathlon far more than hockey.

Hope you have an awesome season. It's fascinating to get to hear what life is really like for an elite athlete.

A2theP said...

Great post Paula! Thanks for sharing. :) Best of Luck with your 2012 season.

B Payne said...

Congrats on your place on the Olympic Team! I'm glad to see you there. I have followed your ups and downs now for a couple of years. I can say, as a Canadian, I love watching Triathlons much more than hockey! I just wish CBC would show them at more regular times. I would love to see more Canadian athletes other than the professional big name teams.
I'm also happy to hear you gave yourself a break and are back into training. I have complete faith you will be on the middle of the podium this summer. Have a great time in Maui!

Norma said...

Hi Paula,
Great Post! It is exciting to follow you as you prepare for London. I hope you can find time to speak with me about tri for my blog. I know your story will be inspiring to the Divas!
Cheers :)

Richard C. said...

Hi Paula, I'm an American that's been following you on the tri circuit for a couple of years. After your injury, I'm glad to hear that you're doing well, and having a good offseason. Notwithstanding our differing nationalities, I'll be rooting for you in 2012.

Best of luck.


Grace and Claire said...

Sorry i tried to send this to your email but ts not working

Hi Paula,

I just wanted to thank you once again for letting me interview you! It was very nice of you to respond to all my emails so quickly. I can't wait to get started on my project!
Maybe I'll send you the date of my presentation:)

Thank you so much

Unless I see you sooner... good luck at the olympics! We'll all be cheering for you

From Grace

January 20th, 2012

jbbartron said...

Best of luck and health Paula! Rooting hard for you in 2012. From New .

Anthony Frost said...

Best of luck this year.

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