Thursday, June 28, 2012

Give Your Everything

The COC has been releasing videos over the past few months showcasing some of Canada’s athletes on the road to London. Here’s mine. Thanks to the COC for creating these awesome clips. A tiny glimpse into what we do every day and are so fortunate to call a “job”.


Bron said...

What a great video and insight into your training. After the Aussies (of course!) I'll be cheering loudest for you!

Emily said...

Totally inspiring and motivating. Go for it this summer!

Ian B said...

Paula just watching your story on news....So sorry what happened but whatever it's worth YOU ARE MY NEW HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Be safe

HithcArch said...


You are an inspiration to all of us.

Things are always easier when they go as planned. But life is not like that. For anybody! .... You lead by example even more by getting back on the "horse" and fighting on.

99.999% of us are not "the best", but 100% of us can take inspiration to "do our best". Keep fighting. Keep leading!


Warren Heggie said...

You have made all of Canada proud. No matter how much it hurt, you finished what you started.You should be proud too.

Miles Gibson said...

As the old saying goes.. If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger. I can tell from your work ethic that you will emerge as a stronger person, and I bet you will success where before you didn't.

All the best,


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